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'Translators for our imploding society' Album of the month and ArtRocker Top 20 Album of the Year ArtRocker

'There's more than initially meets the ears here... a voice that could fell oaks at 100 meters... razor-sharp guitar wizardry... probably exactly how Courtney Love thinks Hole sound.'  Q 

'With the energy levels cranked to maximum, it's hard not to get sucked into their dark whirlpool of noise' Mojo 

'A mesmerising set of doomy, goth infused tracks' Metal Hammer

'sharper and more nuanced... gloomy atmospherics, taut punk anxiety and sizable hooks... The bands most accomplished work to date, tied together by an inherent darkness and the threat of imminent implosion' Rock-A-Rolla

'Maya's voice breathes heavy stories of volatile sexuality perfect for wrapping animalistic howls around their demented devil dynamics' Rock Sound

'Unique and spellbinding' Dominion/Terrorizer