“Crushing doom-laden riffs are the spine of the fourth album from London-based band Cold In Berlin. Searing over the top of the heavy slabs of distorted guitar are Maya’s sweeping lyrics. The production of this album by Wayne Adams has managed to balance the dark brooding guitar and pounding beats with clear vocals so you can hear the foreboding dystopian descriptions.”

– NARC Magazine (4/5) [READ IN FULL]

“Rituals of Surrender is another mind-bending album by band that defies categorization. As a thoughtful study of the dispossessed and disaffected, as a visceral rejection of the status quo, as an exploration of the space between Doom and Gothic metal, the album succeeds on multiple levels.

– Metal Temple (10/10) [READ IN FULL]

“This latest album sounds like anything other than a resigned wave of the white flag. Led by the sense shattering voice of Maya Berlin, she is the only crack in the dark - a vocally glinting blade in the gloom that slices silently through the air before making ears splinter for a ten mile radius. That all this is achieved with a voice that never veers from a clarity that can initially take the breath away is possibly the biggest surprise. And yet, this lady is arguably the only link to the trashy post-punk that first started this band’s journey.

– Sea of Tranquility [READ IN FULL]

“A blasphemous avalanche of doomy, detuned guitars” - Metal Hammer // “A voice that could fell oaks at 100 meters… razor-sharp guitar wizardry” - Q // “It’s impossible not to get sucked in by their dark whirlpool of noise” - Mojo // “Translators for our imploding society” - Artrocker // "Taut punk anxiety and sizable hooks... tied together by an inherent darkness” - Rock-A-Rolla // “Maya's voice breathes heavy stories of volatile sexuality” - Rock Sound //